AcuPick is a true video search technology developed by Dahua, based on front-end (IPC) and back-end (NVR) AI. It helps users to quickly locate target videos of specific humans and vehicles. Unlike traditional search methods, it requires only one pick to extract targets, making the whole search process quicker and simpler.


Overview – AcuPick

AcuPick technology is a true video search engine that can quickly locate the information you need. Use it to find a lost individual, locate a specific vehicle, or pinpoint evidence of a suspect who’s damaged another’s property.


Download the AcuPick PDF for more details or watch the short explanatory video below

Read AcuPick Leaflet

Product selection

Note: AcuPick Technology is only supported by IPC WizMind S Cameras & NVR5-EI combined.

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