KD Electronics eliminates nuisance alerts & more with Camect partnership!

Wednesday 27th July 2022


“Since adding Camect my business has been more productive and effective.”
Security cameras are largely designed to record motion. Trouble is, often that motion is nothing but a bug flying, a leaf blowing or an animal scurrying. The typical security camera can’t detect a difference. Until now. If the camera acts as eyes and recording is the memory, think of CAMECT as the brain. The easy to install Camect Smart Camera Hub enables the lens of your existing security camera to become smart and identify, with 99.5% accuracy, over 30 specific objects. This includes everything from delivery trucks, to people, rodents and more. Only when a threatening or desirable object is detected does an alert transmit so real, human eyes can assess. This means you’ll waste no more time looking at alerts you don’t care about and have more time to focus on what matters.

Camect detection eliminates false alerts from bugs, animals, leaves, rain, shadows, and more through rain, sleet, snow and darkness. No conditions are too tough for Camect. Users say they feel like they got hours back in the day to spend more meaningfully.

“Camect is so easy to use!”
Camect brings these benefits to everyone through a unique user experience that requires minimal configuration. A system to monitor high value assets takes only minutes to configure, complete with accurate alert notifications delivered in real-time, universal secure remote access, a single way to integrate cameras of many different brands, and monitoring station integration.

The Key Benefits Include:

-         No Nuisance Alerts: Powerful AI ignores objects no one cares about
-         Customisable: Tell your Camect what matters. Get only alerts featuring objects such as Person, Car, Truck, Bus, UPS, DHL, Amazon, Cat, Dog, Bird, Bear, Mouse, Spider and more.
-         Flexible: Camect works with almost all IP Cameras and offers easy plug and play setup.
-         Safe, Local Storage: Unlike some other products, Camect stores your video locally on the unit via its built-in storage.  None of your video files are sent to the cloud.


“KD electronics are delighted to offer such a powerful AI solution to our customers. Camect is a proven world class product. Reducing False alarms, Advanced search fields. Sure, a small compact unit packed full of features. We have tested Camect with our leading CCTV brand Dahua and it works seamlessly. For residential, or commercial CCTV monitoring Camect will deliver.”
Stephen Carroll – KD Electronics Commercial Director

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