Full-color: Smart Dual Illuminators - AI Camera

The Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators technology adopts smart algorithm to accurately detect targets. The IR illuminator is normally on at night. When the target is detected by the camera, the warm light turns on and the camera records the full-color video and information of key events. When the target is out of the monitored area, the warm light turns off and the IR illuminator turns back on, which helps reduce light pollution in the area.

Key features

• Smart Dual Illuminators: Flexible switching between Full-color and IR mode: Switch between IR Illuminator and warm light when a target is detected.

• Mobile App: Remotely manage camera illumination anywhere, anytime

• Illumination By Schedule: Set illumination modes according to different time periods

• SMD Plus: Smart Motion Detection Plus: Dahua SMD Plus focuses on human and vehicle targets and filters out false alarms triggered by irrelevant objects.

• Perimeter Protection: In restricted areas such as pedestrian zones and parking lots, false alarms caused by irrelevant objects can be significantly reduced.


Human target is out of the monitored area: IR mode

Human target is detected by the camera: Full-Colour

Human target leaves the monitored area: IR Mode

IR Mode(Optional)
 Warm Light Mode(Optional)

IR illuminator is ON throughout the whole process Environment friendly and reduces light pollution

 Warm illuminator is ON throughout the whole process Records full-color video and captures event details

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