RISCO Intruder Alarm Open Days

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Risco are a global intruder manufacture. They provide both wired, wireless and Hybrid alarm panel solutions. Risco have a product range to suit any application from small residential installs to large grade 2/3 commercial projects.

Risco have an extensive range of both wired and wireless detectors, including PIR, door contacts and most importantly shock sensors for the Irish market.
All Risco panels have Cloud connections via LAN, Wi-Fi and GSM communicators.

Risco have a free to download User App, as well as a cost effective P2P service. This enables installation companies to self-generate a recurring revenue stream, while providing remote software to manage your customer’s requirements through the Risco Cloud platform.

Risco have provided KD electronics with a full range of products that are IN STOCK.

RISCO / KD Show case

At the KD Brand open day we will have Risco technical experts to hand to go through the full Risco product ranges and demonstrate the Risco App and Risco Cloud platform.

• Tuesday, 22nd March – KD Electronics, Dublin
• Wednesday, 23rd March – KD Electronics, Cork

Please, if you’re interested in attending one of the open day follow this link to register:

You can also get in touch with us for a demo sales@kdelectornics.ie or 0214316066

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