Camect AI Hub CAMECT-24MP

Code: 13330



Camect Home Smart Camera Hub - 24MP

Please note that a software is required with the hub and is sold separately. You can purchase it here.

Camect Home is an advanced network video recorder that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), private local video storage, and secure remote access to the networked security cameras in your home. It plugs into your home network and provides 24×7 recording, viewing from your home network, and AI-powered smart alert detection and review via the app.

-        Camect Home Detects exactly the alerts you're looking for - as it records, it applies sophisticated deep learning AI to determine what's interesting to you. It will not send you alerts from rain, bugs at night, or leaves blowing in the wind.
-        Learns from you - gets smarter when you choose to share feedback on videos. Providing video examples helps it learn, making it more accurate over time.
-        Keeps video local on 1TB - stores and analyzes video locally on your own private device. 1TB of storage can be expanded with external hard disks or network attached storage.
-        Works with many camera brands - Camect works with over 50 camera brands including Nest, Arlo, Wyze, Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Amcrest, Reolink and any IP camera that supports Onvif or RTSP. Please see our camera compatibility list.
-        Supports up to 12 HD cameras - supports up to 24MP of total camera resolution (e.g. 12 1080p cameras) for home security usage.

Height 2” (1.25” without HDD compartment) Length 5”
Width 5” Compatible Cameras Any camera that is Onvif-compatible. Any camera that produces an RTSP video stream. Nest, Arlo, and powered Wyze cams. Please refer to for details.
Automatic New Camera Configuration Ability Onvif-compatible cameras (user must provide password) Amcrest, Dahua, Hikvision, Reolink, Trivision PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Control Capability Amcrest, Dahua, D-Link (some models), Hikvision, Reolink, Trendnet, Vstarcam (some models)
Internal Storage 1 TB Expansion Storage Supported 2 USB 3.0 external drives can be plugged in to increase storage
NAS Storage Supported NAS Access via CIFS and NFS Cloud Storage Supported Google Drive, Dropbox
Power Consumption Up to 15W with no external drive. CPU Intel Celeron J3455 Apollo Lake (1.5-2.3 Ghz)
RAM 4 GB Camera Handling Capacity 24 Megapixels of total camera resolution in typical home usage. ie up to 24 720 cameras, 12 1080p cameras, 6 4Mp cameras, or 3 4k cameras. Capacity may be slower when cameras are viewing busy scenes or when there are many viewers viewing the cameras.
Browsers Supported Chrome, Safari Operating Systems Supported Android, iOS, ChromeOS, and any other operating system supporting Chrome, Chromium, or Safari
Moving Objects Detected Person, Car, Truck, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, Royal Mail, Cat, Dog, Deer, Bird, Skunk, Raccoon Bear, Unknown Animal, Squirrel, Fly, Mouse, Spider, Rabbit, Unknown Small Animal On-Device AI for Smart Alerts SSD, MobileNet, TensorFlow
Video Stream Types Supported RTSP, RTMP, MJPEG, MPJPEG, HLS, MPEG-DASH, JPEG Snapshot Minimum Frame Per Second Required for Smart Alerts 5 FPS
Alert Delivery Mechanisms Email (includes video clip), Telegram instant message (available on all platforms, includes video clip), android app notification (text only)

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