Sky Hybrid LNB Offer - Buy 10 & Save

Code: NOV4

Buy 10 and save €100!

SKY Q Hybrid LNB

✔️ HYBRID TECHNOLOGY: Keep legacy satellite running alongside the new wideband format used by Sky and other broadcasters across Europe - a Hybrid LNB containing both a Wideband and a Quad

✔️ EASY TO INSTALL: A simple solution when both sets of signals come from the same satellite that solves a growing problem face by installers in the UK

✔️ PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: The industry standard has been Visiblewave LNB’s in millions of installations – they represent the best in performance, value and practicality and we pride ourselves on providing products that are simple to install and totally reliable

✔️ UNIVERSAL: Supplied complete with collar to fit an MK4 dish, these quality LNB’s will also fit a standard dish with 40mm collar. Also includes a handy built-in spirit level for easy positioning

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