Surge Protection Device-RJ45 PoE, PoE Voltage

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Surge Protection Device - RJ45 PoE, PoE Voltage 48Vdc Protective Line- Data:1/2/3/6, PoE:4/5/7/8 1000Mbps, Class 2m Max Discharge Current 10KA

  • Easy installation
  • Aluminium alloy casing
  • Strong protection and high reliability
  • High discharge capability
  • IP20 rated 

Our RJ45 SPD shields your network equipment from power surges. Equipment such as servers, routers, and computers would benefit from having this line of defense.

What is a Surge Protection Device (SPD)?

Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are used to protect installations from electrical power surges known as “transient overvoltages”.

They are also used to protect sensitive electronic equipment connected to the installation, such as computers, televisions. Any equipment with sensitive electronic circuitry can be vulnerable to damage by transient overvoltages.

The effects of a surge can result in either instant failure or damage to the equipment only evident over a longer period of time. It is important to remember that protecting the electrical installation alone, and not the other services, could leave another route for transient voltages to enter the installation.

There are three different types of Surge Protective Devices:
Type 1 SPD: installed at the origin, e.g. main distribution board.
Type 2 SPD: installed at sub-level.
Type 3 SPD: installed close to the protected load. They must only be installed as a supplement to Type 2 SPD.

The PROception range of SPDs are all Type 2.

What causes transient overvoltages?

Natural transient overvoltages mostly occur due to direct lightning strikes but can also occur from indirect strikes too.

Man-made transients appear due to the switching of motors and transformers, along with some types of lighting. Historically this has not been an issue within domestic installations but more recently, installations are changing with the advent of electric vehicle charging, heat pumps have made transients much more likely to occur within domestic installations.

How do SPDs work?

The gas discharge tube (GDT) is sealed with ceramic and its interior consists of two or more metal electrodes with gaps filled with the inert gases, argon and neon. As the overvoltage passes through, it arcs between the electrodes, allowing current to flow to ground, thus protecting your devices.

Mounting Inline/DIN Rail Product Name PROSPD11RJ45P
Connection Type RJ45 (PoE) In Accordance With IEC 61643-21, EN61643-21
PoE Voltage 48Vdc Normal Voltage (Vdc): Un 5Vdc
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (Vdc): Uc 8Vdc Normal Discharge Current (8/20µs) kA: In 5
Max. Discharge Current (8/20µs) kA: Imax 10 Lightning Impulse Current (10/350µs) L.Imp 1
Normal Current IL 800mA Voltage Protection Level (V) @5kV 10/700/µs: Up <20V
Insertion Loss ≤0.1dB Response Time Instantaneous
Transmission Speed 1000Mbps Type of Connection In/Out RJ45 (shielded) Female/Female
Ethernet Cable Transmission Performance CAT6 Connecting Type Series
Protective Line Data: 1/2/3/6; PoE: 4/5/7/8 Material Aluminium
Dimensions (mm) W: 94.5 x L: 25 x H: 25 Weight (g) 0.09/(With Din Rail: 0.125)
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85 Environmental Protection IP20

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